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Lana Salerno is President and Chief Designer of Fit Living Design located in Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. Lana was
born and raised in the eco-friendly, greenwise city of Toronto, Canada where she studied Interior Design at the prestigious Sheridan College in Oakville just outside of Toronto. Recognized by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), Sheridan College is the forerunner school for design in Toronto, and the most influential design hub in Canada of international designers. Lana had a colorful up bringing having grown up in a family of talented artists, in a city so environmentally conscious and so rich in diversity, culture and the arts. This, combined with Lana’s intuition and ingenuity has allowed her to be able to provide great consideration to her clients concerns, needs, style, budget, space planning, versatility, function and well being from interior design to toxic rehabbing of the home and work space.

During Lana’s interior design career in Toronto, she created a high-end custom jewelry line from raw and natural repurposed materials and resources acquired through her worldly travels. Lana would only realize how she would utilize her amazing collection of loose materials once her frustration to find jewelry to fit her small frame led her to the inspiration and inception of her unique jewelry designs. Combining these materials, using the same design theories with color, texture and function, Lana would end up designing incredible statement jewelry pieces for Celebrities like Celine Dion, Carla Collins, Heather Locklear, Anita Brikman, for several Toronto based hit Television series, and for Celebrities on the red carpet during TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). For Lana the concept was very much the same as designing a room in a house and and finding unique and natural solutions. Not only were they one of a kind and beautiful, they were adjustable in size to fit a larger and smaller frame alike allowing transformation from day to evening wear. Her clever style soon became her trademark and her designs set a trend amongst other designers in the jewelry industry. Lana also assisted in wardrobe and set design for Toronto film sets and worked as a movie extra in several Toronto films.

Lana Salerno, artist, traveler, creator, inspiration, daughter, wife, mother and major health guru and environmentalist moved to Pennsylvania in 2011 where she and her husband have been raising their amazing, young family in the purest of living from exercise to clean eating and clean thinking. Lana has since pursued her toxic rehab and interior design business in Pennsylvania, grateful to have the opportunity to share with others her knowledge on living the healthiest and most stylish life that one possibly can. Lana is proud to have been involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada where she raised over $30,000 toward research for Pediatric Cancers, served as a Buddy Support System for parents of children with cancer, and had also provided healthy home cooked meals to those families during their time spent at Sick Kids Hospital. Lana and her family are equally proud and excited to have continued to raise money toward Pediatric Cancers, now through Alex’s Lemonade Stand since moving to Pennsylvania in 2011. Giving back is the cycle of life. Not only does it feel great to make a difference, it makes the world go around and should be one’s mission, rather than one’s option.