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April 30, 2020by Lana Salerno0


Ok moms! Listen up. You’ve just had your first baby and feel like your world has been turned upside down and shaken a few times- because it has, but in the best possible way! How do you manage and keep up? I have simple solutions for you to follow.

Let’s start with PREbaby. The the baby shower. When you register, get gift cards rather then actual items. You seriously don’t need much for a baby and can get away with so little. What you do use will only get used for 3-6 months to a year so consider if you really need it = saving valuable space and valuable money!

Next, have a place for everything. Get rid of something you barely use as soon as you buy something new. You cannot accumulate if you follow this rule!

When you get up in the morning, before you go to bed and when you return home each time you’ve been out, put everything away. This will save you so much time later from having to search for things and will also save you from running back in after you’d left the house to look for something. I have always been huge on putting things away immediately which proved invaluable when I began having children (three in 4 years!). I keep things simple and still spend 5 minutes each time putting things away instead of wasting 60 minutes later trying to get organized. 

Ask for help!! Yes moms. While we are superhero’s, we’re not. So ask for help when you need to it lessen the stress and load. 

Keep lists. Being a first time mom works havoc on the memory and a great way to beat this is to write everything down and keep lists for everything! Meal planning, groceries, to do lists, appointments. You can never have enough lists!

Another thing that truly helps me since I am a visual person is to have a dry erase calendar on my counter which is in my constant view (as well as my family’s) to remind me (and them if they choose to look!) of appointments and tasks. I have different colours for different tasks and activities and (my husband laughs at me and tries to convince me daily to only have my “to dos” programmed into my phone only, instead), I can see what I need to do first thing helping me to determine how to schedule my day. Especially when our children’s activities become more intense, colour coding is and excellent and very helpful way to keep your day and week organized. For example, soccer is written in a purple marker, music in blue, religion class in red, swimming in green, school in orange and my own appts in black.

Have structure – as crazy as that sounds. Get up early at the same time each day so that you have some quiet time by yourself allowing you to figure out your day ahead, get a start on chores such as throwing a load of laundry on, emptying the dishwasher, prepping for dinner so later it will only take you the cooking time, and set reasonable tasks for your day to maintain structure and a sense of control and accomplishment. Moms, please do not forget to eat properly; breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same time each day so you remain healthy in mind, body and soul, setting realistic times in between for errands, and most importantly- some well deserved time for YOU!!

You’ve got this Mom!!! 

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