Uncategorized Spring Cleaning

January 12, 2020by Lana Salerno0

It’s so important to give your house a good cleaning on a regular basis but if you’re pressed for time, at the least a light wipe down and running the vacuum is huge in eliminating toxins and allergens in your home.  Spring cleaning is called spring cleaning because you do it in the warmer months after having breathed in the same stale air the whole winter long. Opening windows on nicer days also helps flush that stale air out, in exchange for allowing fresh air in.  A HEPA filter is another very helpful tool though not to get confused with it being a substitute for cleaning or opening windows. Don’t forget to clean the HEPA filter as needed.  Since one can’t see a dirty HEPA filter, you’ll want to make down on your calendar when you’ll need to clean it. The same goes for your furnace filter.

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