Uncategorized Staying on top of meal prep and healthy-go-tos!

May 6, 2020by Lana Salerno0


How do you stay on top of meals when you have a busy schedule? Something that applies to every single one of us. 

Decide the beginning of the week what you’re menu will look like for the week ahead and buy all necessary ingredients to carry you through. Wake up 30 minutes earlier each morning to prep your meal so that all you have to do later is to cook it!  While it’s cooking, don’t forget to wash dishes and clean up as you go so that after dinner you have little of that to do.

When cooking don’t be afraid to substitute food items for others if you’re missing a specific ingredient- be creative and confident! 

The other thing I ALWAYS do is to have staple food items in the fridge for those famished moments. My favorites are homemade protein cookies, hard boiled eggs, homemade pickles (great for your gut wall), dairy free yogurt, fresh fruit already washed and cut up, cooked steel cut oats (which last up to a week and all you need to do is warm some up each morning), homemade black bean dip and guacamole. By having these ready-to-go in the fridge, if I’m absolutely starved and need a quick bite while dinner is cooking, then I have healthy go to foods waiting!

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