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April 30, 2020by Lana Salerno0


Now more then ever during Covid, people are having to clean their own homes. The thought of that process is certainly daunting and loathed, isn’t it? The reality is that house chores do not ever go away and will only pile up if you do not tend to them on a daily or weekly basis (especially with everyone home 24/7 right now where dusts mites and mess are at an all time high!!!). I complain constantly that the days that I clean are the days that one of my girls (ages 9, 11 & 12) inevitably spill something all over the place, and while it’s true, the house still needs to get cleaned. The great flip side to cleaning which I do look forward to is that like gardening, house cleaning provides a decent amount of exercise forcing you to squat, lift, stretch and even bench press, so enjoy the reward of a great workout and a wonderfully clean home!

With the size of my house; a 4.5 bedroom and 2&1/2 bath, if I am not cleaning for at least 50 minutes each day I will end up spending 7+ hours in just one day/a week cleaning the entire house, which I’d prefer not to do when possible as I need time to cook, work, tend to the kids and – Post-Covid, drive like a madwomen to a million after school activities. 

Ok so just how do I divy it up so it’s effective, efficient and manageable? Well, pretty easy. 

Day One-  Washrooms. I clean the washrooms (or for our American readers – bathroom) 2 full washrooms, 1 powder room, plus the mud room. This is inclusive of trim work, door frame, handle, light switch, sink, tub, shower, toilet and mirror(s). 1h25mins

Day two-  Kitchen. Maintenance clean 30 minutes or the deep clean 2 hours which includes the refrigerator and freezer, inside the cupboards, and polishing the quartz counter top and stainless steel appliances. 30 mins, or 2 hours

Day three- Bedding. Changing sheets on 4 beds. 30-40 mins

Day four -Dust and Vacuum. 1h15min and 45 mins. 2 hours

Day five -Washing the Floor. I am constantly spot washing the floor so I’ll give the floors a full wash about once every 2 weeks. Since we have never worn our shoes in the house, this keeps the floor clean for longer. Admittedly, I do this on my hands and knees so that I can get in and behind things, WHICH is one of my favorite cleaning exercises, the squat! For those of you who know me personally, you know everything I do has a workout agenda behind it. 1.5 hours

Laundry. This is an ongoing daily chore so just keep it moving by putting a load on first thing in the morning and then finish it through by folding it and putting it all away as soon as it’s completed. This avoids wrinkled clothes, it makes it less cumbersome, and avoids disorganization. 25 mins

Dishwasher. Emptied daily. 15 mins

Miscellaneous. Tidying up and putting things in their places daily. 20 mins

Important Rule. Put everything away when you get home from having been out anywhere. No matter how many times I leave the house and return in any given day I am always coming back with something. So, instead of taking an hour at the end of the week to find what you’d brought home a week prior and have since replaced, it takes an easy 5+ minutes to put things away right away to maintain organization on a daily basis. Everything should have a home.

Total time cleaningThat’s a total average of 7.5 hours in one day, or break it down to a fraction per day, so I’ll take the latter!

I certainly hope you can take something from this to help you in your daily life, managing your time wisely when it comes to household chores. If you’re reading this Post-Covid, then hire a cleaning lady! 

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